IS – Understanding the Threat and Its Implications

Courtesy of Leo Harskamp (2016)

Courtesy of Leo Harskamp (2016)

The central theme of the 2016 seminar was Understand the threat posed by IS and its implication for security both outside and within NATO.
The seminar took place from 31 January until 3 February 2016 at the Hotel Bristol in downtown Bonn, Germany.

Topics covered by this Seminar were:

  • Presentations providing background on IS
    • historical roots
    • cultural and sociological analyses
    • legal aspects
    • the role of religion for IS
    • economical and financial analyses
  • Workshops to further the thoughts and try to provide answer to the most pressing questions
    • the existence and use of military options to counter the threat
    • the impact of the IS-induced refugee crisis on Europe and European security
    • the role of Russia in Syria
    • the ability of western states to deal with religiously motivated conflict
  • Providing glimpses into the future – most likely scenarious in the short, medium and long run

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