Format and Participants

  • The seminar
    • is usually held in February
    • lasts three days
    • has been hosted by Germany for the past 25 years
    • is kindly supported by the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation
  • Speakers are drawn from all professions and vocations:
    • Journalists
    • Diplomats
    • Officials and Public Servants
    • Academics
    • Active, reserve and retired officers
    • Artists
    • Politicians
  • The seminar is regularly attended by 50 – 70 participants from all over the world
    • Reservists from NATO countries, NATO associates and partnership for peace-countries
    • Attendance is open to all (lodging and seating capacities permitting)
  • The seminar consists of
    • Panel discussions
    • Presentations
    • Workshops
  • Target Groups
    • The CIOR Seminar is designed to reach out to anyone interested in the field of security policy and willing to engage in constructive discussions

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